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Augmented Reality Management system for Networks

ARMNet is the mobile platform that via Augmented Reality allows field technicians to see where and how the elements of a network are placed, to know all the technical details, to updates the status of the element

ARMNet allows to manage and maintain not only any kind of physical infrastructure network (water, power line, telco), but that also allows to map, manage and maintain any kind of object or street furniture.

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Where and How the elements are placed

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Technical specification of the elements and the environmental context before arrival

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With images and reports the information to track the history of the site.


ARMNet is optimized to give the best performance also on low-end devices. We take care of the information, we know how sensible these are, so no map or data are stored on the device, this also allows to make available to the users the last updated information. All the features are packed in a really easy to use interface, reducing the training time.

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